useful inventions are more likely to sell

Consumers are eager to buy useful inventions. If you look at a product and see a way that it could be better you have a new invention idea in your head.

The garage in my home doubles as a home workshop. Like most people space is at a premium. It seems crazy to clog up a garage with bicycles and park a $25,000 SUV outside in the rain and snow.

A useful invention would be something that helps me get the bikes and the cars in the garage. With six bikes and limited wall space I couldn’t find anything in a store that met my needs.

A floor rack was available that held two bikes side by side with the handle bars at different heights. This solved half of the space problem. This staggered floor rack gave me a new idea.

The photos above and below show a rack that is a space saver. Notice the garage door. Two bikes can hang on the wall side by side and my wife’s SUV can be parked in the garage.

The design process was a little tricky. Some time with a yard stick and carpenters square helped me make a sketch with paper and pencil. It took some trial and error to get the dimensions right. This rack was made with a table saw a hand drill.

Plans for this rack are available by request. Very soon protect-new-idea will have a CNC mill. This type of bicycle rack will be available in a ready to assemble kit. Below is a 2d CAD-CAM drawing of the ribs.

The drawing above was done on Power Station Xpert. Making inventions can be done in many ways. One thing that seems to be common is people looking for away to make life better.

Do you see a need for an invention? Are you ready to take the next step? I would be happy to help you. Please feel free to

contact me about your useful inventions.