Nikola Tesla Inventions are still in use today.

Every inventor needs inspiration. Learning about Nikola Tesla Inventions is a great way to get some momentum.

I always have had a fascination with inventions and inventors. Only recently I started learning about Tesla. As children in school we learned about Edison, Ford, Whitney, Franklin, McCormack and Carver. Why was the inventor of alternating current, radio, and the first Niagara Falls power project was barely mentioned? Nikola Tesla Inventions are described in a book titled “Nikola Tesla and the Taming of Electricity” by Lisa J. Aldrich. The text is a short, easy to read biography. This book is nice in that it doesn’t go into too much detail and the author doesn’t appear to have a political axe to grind.

For all his talent Tesla's inventions only paid him a small fraction of the money made for Westinghouse. Had his inventions been managed effectively Tesla would have been wealthy beyond his wildest dreams.

As an inventor it is important for you to educate yourself about how to protect and make money with your idea. Our world has become so abundant and complex it is hard to be an expert at everything.

Ask yourself what problem does my invention solve? People are looking for solutions. We are willing to by products that bring more convenience to us.

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