Simple Inventions are more likely to be made.

As you work on your new idea remember simple inventions are often the best inventions. The less complex your design the lower your cost.

A few years ago I had a problem to solve. The lathe department I was managing had a dozen core drills for the two different types of machines. The problem was delivering coolant to the drills. One style pumped coolant from behind the drill. The other used a hose and fittings.

The employees were assembling and disassembling hardware on every set up. This was adding 10 minutes labor time to most set ups. One day a coolant hose broke loose and the core drill melted inside a part. We needed hardware that would work on both machine types.

I spent a few hours on my deck sketching out designs and made a simple invention. The nozzle nut. This was a brass ball with a 1/8 pipe fitting tapped hole on a boss. Trust me it looks simpler than it sounds. The coolant had to make a 90 degree bend and that solved the clearance issues we had.

The rest of the standard hardware was purchased from a local hydraulics company. The workers on the floor loved it and no one had to be told to use it. This invention had four parts total and only one was custom made. To learn about this invention process CLICK HERE.

Another invention was made at Erie Community College in Buffalo NY. The school had a contest every year for a model car powered by a can of soda pop. There were rules on dimensions and rates of leakage. Students designed complex mechanisms to propel the model cars from the gas pressure inside the cans of soda pop.

One young lady was applying the basic laws of physics and noticed if she dropped the can of soda pop from the max height allowed it produced more energy than the puff of gas.

She used sewing bobbins for pulleys and made her car. She could get better ratios with custom made pulleys but there wasn’t time. As the can dropped it pulled the string and turned the wheels. Simple genius!

At the contest it was a mess. Entrants were spilling soda everywhere and barely moving their cars. She set up her model car let it go. She blew those guys out of the water or shall I say soda pop. As the contest winner she was awarded a scholarship to the University Michigan. Her plans were to study Automotive Engineering.

Simple Inventions are ideas that haven’t been seen yet. Perhaps you have a new idea you want to develop.

If you’re ready to start some Simple Inventions check out the protos and models page.