New products can give you inspiration for your new invention ideas.

Where do we get our new invention ideas? Looking at other products on the market can give you inspiration. Recently I saw a fabulous new invention on the Fox Business Channel. The infomercial was selling a tool for joining wood together at 90 degree angles. This tool is World War II era technology used in the home.

The Kreg Jig ® is simply a drill jig. You clamp a piece of wood in the jig. The drill bushings guide the drill at a precise angle.Clamp the assembly together; drive the wood screws into the holes and your done.

I have made and worked with dozens of tools like this. They are called “drill jigs”. The new CNC machining centers have all but eliminated drill jigs from our factory floors. The Kreg Jig is a home version of what was an expensive factory tool.

Back in the day a highly skilled toolmaker would make drill jigs. The drill jig holds a part in place and a hardened bushing guides the drill. To see the kreg jig website go to their website at:

This inventor has offered a solution to the problem of joining wood pieces at 90 degree angles. When you work on your own new idea keep in mind what problem do you solve. Remember people are looking for solutions. Are you a young inventor? Maybe you know a young person with some new invention ideas. I recommend reading"Experimenting With Inventions" by Robert Gardner.

The author was a high school science teacher. His writing style easy to follow and will keep a young persons interest. The next Bill Gates of energy could be someone experimenting in their home workshop. This book will help them make their idea a reality.