Invention Guide is a resource to help inventors protect, produce and profit from their ideas.

It would be nice to have an Invention Guide. Someone who has been there and done that to show you the way. Most inventors have tremendous insight and creativity but need help with the business aspect. If you have a new idea and want to make money with it you are in the right place. Knowledge is power. It is time for you the inventor to start educating yourself.

I have assembled some recommended reading for your Invention Guide. So many of us say I don’t have time. Many people would love to have an hour or two per day to spend reading a good book.

Do you spend ten minutes a day watching TV? Most Americans spend a lot more time than that in front of the tube. If you were to spend ten minutes a day reading a good book how much more knowledge would you have one year from now? Being able to make to correct decisions quickly is critical to your success. A Great Invention Guide is "Profit From Your Idea" by Richard Stim.

This book will quickly help you learn how to protect, and profit from your idea. You will need non-disclosure form before you show your invention to anyone. This book has a CD with forms you may need potential licensees to sign.

Do you need a utility patent or design patent? Should you even get a patent? See Chapter 2.

How are you going to get paid? What are royalties? How much do you get? See Chapter 9.

How do you find Licensees? How do start your search? How do you present your product? See Chapter 6.

This book is a must read for any inventor who is serious about making money with their idea.