Invention Assistance is available.

Do you need invention assistance? Most inventors need help in some area as they make their invention a reality. Take a step back and ask yourself what is my talent? Also ask yourself where do I need help?

If you are a great baker odds are you will need help in the legal area for your invention. Let’s say you have a recipe for a bake good that goes great with coffee. You might think you should patent your recipe. There are plenty of lawyers willing to charge for the service. Such a patent would be difficult to enforce. Your super recipe would be better kept as a trade secret. Simply put don’t tell anyone how you do it.

A good example of a trade secret is the formula for Coca Cola. If this formula were patented it would be public knowledge. The patent would have expired almost 100 years ago. One of the most successful products in history has never been patented!

If you have invented a simple device like the coffee collar You may need more than one patent. The coffee collar is so simple many people are amazed it has a patent. This invention led to a machine to make the coffee collar. That machine has been patented. This is a good example of where a patent made sense.

A few years ago a self wringing mop was on the market. I saw the TV ad and called in to buy one. When it arrived it worked fairly well but felt flimsy. About a month later it broke. It was cracked all along. It was too late to ask for a replacement. This is an example of a super invention with poor quality control. If this inventor was lucky enough to have a good licensing contract her royalties may have never reached their potential. It is possible for a licensee to lose control of the product after they sign the contract. Remember when someone asks you to sign a contract it was written by a lawyer. Their lawyer! Protect your idea. At it is my mission to provide the invention assistance you need to protect, produce, and profit from your new idea. If you are willing to do some serious work feel free to contact me for some invention assistance. We can discuss the proper books, software, hardware and services you may need to be a success with your invention.