Eggstrafresh a product that works

Recently I met a group of entrepreneurs from Eggstrafresh in Tampa Florida. They have a product that is very impressive. This is a product that helps keep food fresh longer. How they do it is a trade secret. Dr Mark Hepp created the chemical formula. He tells me his formula reduces the oxidation in the food. Or more simply put, Eggstrafresh slows the spoiling process of the food. This device does not require any power or maintenance. You place it in your refrigerator or pantry and it works. We have been using one in our refrigerator for the last three months and believe it works. My wife tells me the fresh fruits and vegetables are staying fresh longer. Small inventions like this are examples of how chemistry improves our lives. Less food wasted frees up more of your money.

Most of us want help provide healthy food for our families. Many people tell me they hesitate to buy fresh fruits and vegetables because they spoil before they can eat them. This simple invention helps you get more for your money.

This is a new idea that is a winner and is made in Tampa Florida. The price is very reasonable. The maintenance is zero. The Egg lasts about one year and then you replace it. I am endorsing this product because I use it and it works.

To learn more about this great product click the picture below.