Classic Sports Cars were a sight to see at Pacific Raceways in July of 2008.

Classic Sports Cars were at Pacific Racesways

in Kent Washington on a rainy weekend in July 2008. Here is a collection of photos you might enjoy. The Historic Sports Car Races were at this 1960’s style of track with a front straight that also works as a drag strip. Most of these photos are of the show cars. All these cars move under their own power and even did a couple of show laps. If you are looking for classic cars Seattle is a good place to be.

The oldest car there was a Bentley from the late 1920’s. The lady pictured called herself the custodian of the car. She told me this car will be around longer than her and the next couple of owners. This is an amazing restoration. Notice the wooden toolbox on the right running board. The leaf springs appeared to be wrapped with some sort of fabric. My guess about the big wing nut is that it was a way to adjust the suspension.

A collection of historic cars must have some British Sports Cars.

I spoke with the owner of this red MG. These cars sell for about $15,000. The glove box was about 18 inches deep. All these English cars look a little dangerous

I believe this red Triumph is a TR4 from the early 1950’s. When I lived in Sydney I would walk by one that somebody drove to work almost every day.

The billboard for Molly the 1958 MGA says it all.

The silver Porsche Spider was a right hand drive. How ironic a German car was exported to England just after WWII. This is a very rare model with a mid mounted engine from the early 1950’s. James Dean owned one and was under contract not to drive it during the filming of his last movie.

Classic Sports Cars are not limited to European car makers. This blue Ford GT from the 1960’s was a sight to see. A model similar to this was used in Steve McQueen’s “Lemans” The engine is visible thru the rear window. It also carries a full size spare tire. Notice the safety wire holding the knock off wheel nut in place.

Around 2004 Ford introduced a more civilized GT. Like the white one with blue stripes. I have seen one driving on I90 on Mercer Island. There is some money in Bill Gate’s (Microsoft) neighborhood.

The blue AC Cobra was on display by a local company that restored these cars. Carol Shelby bought the tooling for the chassis and body from an English company. He installed Ford small and big block V8s.I believe these engines displaced 302ci and 427ci. Shelby said the ACs were as aerodynamic as a shoebox. Notice the “rear bumper”. It is part of a mechanical jack for tire changes in the pits. Classic Sports Cars can rumble with a V8.

Classic Sports Cars come in all different shapes and sizes. This Pontiac GTO is a real muscle car. I believe the engine is 389ci small block. Remember the days of 25 cent a gallon gasoline? If you’re that old see your Doctor before driving a car this powerful!

To wrap it all up here is a car from my past. I believe this is a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda. This car was entered and did race that day.

All these cars are beautiful in there own way. The English cars are a pleasure to drive and Hell to own and maintain. German cars are so well engineered I get a little jealous. American cars are big, square, heavy, loud, and fast.

Classic Sports Cars are surrounded by inventors. Old ignition systems are replaced with new CDI systems. The guys that keep these cars alive are solving problems every day. Are you a car guy with a new idea? If you find yourself saying “Does someone make a….?”

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