MicroCIMM Delivers Value in 2D CAD CAM Software

Getting the right 2d cad cam software for your shop is important. I have worked with several different types of software. Packages can cost over $5,000 for one seat

MicroCIMM offers the best value I have ever seen. These guys are over delivering. The price is so good when I saw it I wondered if it could do everything they said it did. I have been pleasantly surprised.

One purchase will give you 2 seats. I have one copy on my office desk top and the other travels with me on my lap top.

I believe CAD CAM SOFTWARE will become a common personal tool for the machinist of the future. Think about you or your employees being able to email a POST from home to the shop. Today a machinist/programmer can keep a laptop in his tool box with his own programming package. MicroCIMM’s basic 2d cad cam software starts around $400. This is a tool a machinist/programmer can afford to buy. The basic package does lathes and 2 dimensional milling. There are upgrades available.

Another bonus is the machinist can take his own programming package from job to job. Imagine interviewing for a position telling the owner you have your own software. I believe CAD CAM Software will become as common as a micrometer in your toolbox.