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Should you take your idea into a huge corporation and say “Here is my idea. Give me a million dollars and I’ll go home.” Not likely. But someone might make a movie about you in 20 years. Have you seen “Flash of Genius”? CLICK INVENTION GUIDE

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Eggstrafresh is a product that works
blog new ideas
This is where you can blog new ideas. A place for inventors, entrepreneurs and small business owners.
contact me and you can expect a reply in 48 hours or less.
Invention Assistance
Invention Assistance could be what you need.
Invention Guide
Invention Guide is a resource of tools to help inventors protect, produce and profit from their ideas.
Gadgets and New Inventions
The gadgets and new inventions of today are the money makers of tomorrow.
small easy inventions
The small easy inventions can offer amazing opportunity. The patented beverage collar is a good example.
new invention ideas the kreg jig
Your new invention ideas can be inspired by great products like the Kreg Jig.
Simple Inventions
The Simple Inventions are some of the best ones. Less complexity equals less cost.
useful inventions
useful inventions can be financially successful
invention process
The invention process is about defining needs and solutions to problems.
Nikola Tesla Inventions
Many Nikola Tesla Inventions are still in use today. His brillance affects all of our lives.
Patent An Idea
All products started with an idea. The trouble is it is not possible to patent an idea. Your idea might be defined as an invention.
CAD CAM Solutions
We needed some CAD CAM Solutions for our shop.
2d cad cam software
Microcimm offers the best value in 2d CAD CAM software I have ever seen!
How do go about prototype modelmaking? Where do you start? Step one. Get stitch bound composition book. This is your inventor’s journal.
Prototype Makers
Prototype Makers turn your new idea into hardware.
Classic Sports Cars
A photo collection of Classic Sports Cars at Pacific Raceways in July of 2008.